Sunday, January 5, 2014

Review & Comparison: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser vs. Benefit The Porefessional

*These following items were purchased by me for review. Maybelline New York did not provide the product for review.*

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season & a good beginning to 2014.

Today I am reviewing a new product from Maybelline New York called Baby Skin instant pore eraser. I am a huge fan of Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm, so when I seen a new Baby Skin product in my local drugstore I knew I had to purchase it & try it out. Sadly I suffer from having large pores, especially on my cheeks and on my nose. I hate my large pores with a passion. I currently use Benefit's The Porefessional (it's one of my holy grail beauty products) to minimize the appearance of my pores, so I wanted to test out Baby Skin and compare the results to Porefessional.

The back of the packaging describes baby Skin as follows:
Instant Pore Eraser
  • Instantly blurs the look of pores, without clogging them. 
  • Transparent gel formula, smooths on clear
  • Smoothes and refines skin's appearance
  • Non-comedogenic and fragrance-free
 Use alone or under makeup
Use alone for flawless-looking skin, smoothing onto areas with visible pores, OR smooth a thin layer under foundation for a smooth-looking finish.
As advertised, the product is a clear gel and is very easy to blend onto my skin. The gel dries to a matte finish. I did not detect a smell.

The product blends very easily onto my skin, but sadly does not blur the appearance of my pores. My pores look exactly the same as they did before applying the gel onto my problem areas. Huge disappointment. No visible change whatsoever. The only difference I notice is that my skin is smoother wherever I blend the gel.

Baby Skin gel applied on my hand, not blended.

I don't wear foundation, so my only option was trying this product on it's own with no other makeup to cover my pores.

I'm going to now compare Maybelline's Baby Skin to The Porefessional by Benefit.

Now, perhaps if baby Skin had a colored tint in the gel, that may help blur the appearance of pores a bit better. For example, The Porefessional has a tint to it:

 Baby Skin (clear gel) on my hand at the top.
Porefessional (tinted) on my hand at the bottom.

Benefit's Porefessional has a different look and feel to it. For starters, as I stated earlier, the product is tinted. Unlike Baby Skin, Porefessional feels more like a silky, matte balm, not a gel. Once blended, the tint of Porefessional disappeared and left my skin smooth while blurring any signs of pores. It's much better at concealing the look and size of pores. I have sensitive skin and neither product irritated me. The only downside to Porefessional is the cost: $30 for 0.75 oz (which is the size of the product in my photos).

  Both products smoothed onto my hand.

Even factoring in the cost, Benefit's Porefessional is the definite winner of this battle. 
Baby Skin retails for $6.99 and can be found at any drugstore. I happened to have found mine at Walgreens. Benefit's Porefessional can be purchased at Ulta, Sephora or their website located here.

Have you tested out Baby Skin yet? Did you suffer the same fate as I? Happen to love it? Give me your feedback, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Aw what a shame it didn't work that well for you! Everyone is talking about this product and I've been looking for it everywhere but they're always sold out in my stores LOL I'm wondering if it's just so hyped up but really not all that fab. Haha, hopefully one day I can try it for myself! Awesome post and great comparison!

    1. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you do happen to try it out! A few others aren't impressed with Baby Skin, but I have seen a lot of posts that praise it.